A New Space of Shifting Conditions // Hibbleton and PÄS Gallery February Shows

So far, my most wrenching challenge in contributing to this site is in narrowing down what art I am able to include. The Magoski Arts Colony in Fullerton is an especially problematic venue to report on because the converted warehouse is simply filled to the brim with exciting, honest and experimental artwork and ideas that all stem from a rare and beautifully inclusive attitude. This unavoidable energy created by the mix of galleries and artist studios, is aptly reflected in Hibbleton‘s current group show “A New Space: An Exploration of the Color Black”, with its various references to the great expanse between swirling and colliding bodies. Paintings, drawings, sculpture and installations by thirty artists range broadly from abstract to figurative, simple to complex and derive much from the concept of exploration. Electronic sounds mixed with keyboards, drums, and xylophones by Let’s Drive to Alaska on the opening night further encouraged the journey to these unchartered realms.

In the show at PÄS Gallery, “Shifting Conditions”, the art curator group White Matter has paired the large scale paintings and drawings of Hank Huang and Annie Compean, which complement each other with their strong technical foundations and willingness to leave the evidence of their experimentation in unworked areas of sketching and smears of paint. Huang’s pieces in the Hibbleton show, and his interest in the “natural and the digital” provide a link between the galleries, proving how many similarities lie behind the thought processes leading to a room full of black surfaces and one adorned with richly colored canvasses.

Next month marks the third anniversary of the Downtown Artwalk in Fullerton, which brings the participating venues into the Fullerton Museum Plaza for a “one-night art extravaganza”, a fitting way to celebrate the existence of this expanding community.

See you there!

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