When talking about Orange County California, some might conjure the image of sparkling strip malls, plastic body parts, or a landscape of tract mansions filled with serene seascape beach scenes. As lovely as this picture by Bravo is… the OC is not all Housewives. Just south of the LA art scene lives an insanely talented group of artists, designers, musicians… AND a dedicated group of gallerists, collectors, and friends who support them.

OC Artists Republic was created with one goal – to support hard working galleries in Orange County. News, events, reviews, studio visits and artist profiles come directly from the source – the featured galleries. We are building the site live as you see it with something new each day so keep checking back on the regular and thanks for being a part. –OCAR

PUBLISHER / EDITOR Torrey Cook started AR4T to support the idea that art creates community. She currently lives in San Juan Capistrano, CA with her family and has a weakness for dance recitals and adopting German Shepherds from Coastal GS rescue.

EDITOR AT LARGE, ARTIST x ARTIST TALKS WITH CHANTAL  Chantal deFelice graduated from Laguna College of Art & Design and has shown throughout Orange County and Los Angeles, as well as in San Francisco and Pittsburgh, PA. She works in a variety of media, including photography, painting, three-dimensional woodwork, and ink drawing. Her subject matter is inspired by nostalgic urban landscapes, analog technology and the tiny unseen universes found in natural artifacts. You can find her as the resident artist of Thump Gallery in San Clemente or online at : http://chantaldefelice.com/

CONTRIBUTING WRITER x EDITOR: Kelsey Davis is a Junior at Laguna College of Art and Design. With a background in Creative Writing, she came to Laguna to pursue her love of drawing and painting.



SUBMISSIONS OC ARTISTS REPUBLIC does not accept art submissions. All featured artists are recommended by one of the listed galleries. We ARE looking for art writers in the Orange County area. If you are interested, please email editor(at)ocartistsrepublic.com.

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