Elephants & Asses // Threee Brothers “The Unity Plan” at AR4T Gallery

November 1st marked the Laguna Beach Art Walk and the opening of the politically charged “Elephants & Asses” show at AR4T Gallery. A multitude of artists each given free reign to speak their mind of the election, politics, or the general state of the US. From Adam Mars “Girls Say Obama Has A Big Debt” to Nick Simich “Vote Spicoli”, David Blake’s “Trickle Down Economics” where “Corporations are people toooo,” the ingenious irony of the art trio Threee Brothers and their oversized campaign button installation titled “The Unity Plan” ….  What have we learned? We like a little humor to go with our politics. Maybe in this climate some added fun is the only way to stay sane. Thanks to Chantal de Felice for opening photos from the evening. Please visit AR4T.com for more photos of the art. Now go VOTE!!


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