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Artists Republic gallery was proud to participate in this years Art Market show at Fort Mason in San Francisco. The collection of galleries exhibiting at this years fair was wonderful and we made so many new friends and got to see some great art. The weather was incredible as well.. there’s nothing better than a sunny San Francisco day by the water. A big thanks to all the artists that had art work in our booth… Casey O’Connell, Laura Berger, Laurie Hassold, Kelly Tunstall, Dennis McNett, Kati Williams, Bunnie Reiss, Deedee Cheriel and Super Future Kid.



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Super Future Kid – London, England


Artists Republic Gallery is pleased to host London artist Super Future Kid for her first solo show in the United States.

Super Future Kid’s mixed media paintings explore a wide range of subjects. Employing bold colours in oils, acrylics, gouache and spray paint, SFK combines an array of ideas, symbols, images and patterns to a joyful chaos that synthesises banality with the extraordinary. Her work provides a platform which is emotionally engaging and gives the observer an opportunity to discover places of a dreamlike reality. Super Future Kid attended the Chelsea Collage of Art and Design and the Academy of Art Berlin Weissensee where she graduated in 2008. Since then, she has participated in exhibitions nationally and internationally in cities including London, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Berlin.

April 12, 2016
Interview with London based artist Super Future Kid by Amanda Raynes:


Once upon a time..., SFK, Artists Republic.2016

1. With your solo show “Extendable Realities : Change Everything You Are” coming up, what inspired this body of work and what is the meaning of the title?

My work is an ongoing process which means that this body of work is not necessarily isolated from the rest of my work. It is however a series of paintings that were, apart from a few exceptions) made in the same process. I am constantly curious about the meaning of life. Who we are and what we are supposed to be and do in the time of our existence. Life is short, it is the time we spend between youth and death and I wonder what it means to hold on to the beginning, how far can youth be stretched, will it prolong our life? So the title ‘Extendable Realities : Change Everything You Are’ is a reference to the ever expanding possibilities of people that we could be and lifes that we could have if we wanted to.

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TEN OC : 2016


This past Thursday during Art Walk we hosted the second annual TEN Orange County show and were reminded of what a great artists community we have so close by!  We featured some incredible work from Ben Brough, Brian Bent, Craig “Skibs” Barker, Chantal de Felice, Danny Schutt, David Blake, Laurie Hassold, Michelle Bickford, Sophie St. Onge and Tyler Warren.

As our returning musical performance we were stoked to hear from The Sanity’s, whose punk rock sounds went perfectly with the installation by Skibs!


The Sanitys


Artist Sophie St. Onge in front of her piece with gallery owner Torrey and family :)


Artists Republic’s goal has always been to bring awareness to the amazingly talented artists in Orange County and this show is the perfect example of how we make it happen!  We are so proud of the ten incredible people in this show and feel so lucky to be able to work with them.

Thank you to everyone who came out and be sure to check out the show open until May 1st!!






Curated by –
Artists Republic owner Torrey Cook
with special help from Brandstater Gallery Director Tim Musso

Special Installations from –
Martha Rich
Deanna Templeton
and local CA artists, Jennie Cotterill (Huntington Beach), Chantal de Felice (San Clemente), Yevgeniya Mikhailik (Irvine),  Camilla Taylor (Los Angeles), Suzanne Walsh (Santa Ana), Sara Walsh (Los Angeles), Jessie Keylon (San Diego), Lauren Over (Los Angeles), Nancy Chiu (Fountain Valley), Erynn Richardson (Riverside)

Murals by –
Casey O’Connell, Velia de Iuliis, Martha Rich, Jennie Cotterill, Yevgeniya Mikhailk and Nancy Chiu.

Additional Works by –
Amanda Marie (Denver, Co) – Alea Nicole Hurst (McDonough, Ga.) – Camilla Taylor (Los Angeles, Calif.) – Casey O’Connell (San Diego, Calif.) – Dee Dee Cheriel (Los Angeles, Calif.) – Handiedan (Amsterdam) – Hilary White (Florida) – Jovi Schnell (Berkeley, Calif.) – Kati Williams (Richmond, Va.) – Kelly Tunstall (San Francisco, Calif.) – Laura Berger (Chicago, Ill.) – Laurie Hassold (Costa Mesa, CA) – Lisa Congdon (Portland, Ore.) – Liz Brizzi (Los Angeles, Calif.) – Magdalena Wosinska (Los Angeles, Calif.)  – Mel Kadel (Los Angeles, Calif.) – Paige Smith (Los Angeles, Calif.) – Super Future Kid (London)


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Artists Republic Gallery is proud to be welcoming London artist Super Future Kid for her first solo show in the United States this May. We are very excited for you all to get to know her a little better and meet her in person at her opening on May 7th, 2006.


“Being born in East Germany in 1981 meant to have an interesting childhood. I encountered the visually striking differences between the east and west and this experience heightened my appreciation for the complexity of our visual surroundings and the vastness of objects and images of popular culture and everyday life and made me grow a particular fondness for bold colours, shapes and imagery. Thus, my childhood and youth is a time period that still has a great influence on my personality and artistic identity.

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This past February, Artists Republic owner Torrey Cook had the pleasure of working with Tim Musso, gallery Director of the Brandstater Gallery at La Sierra University to bring over 30 artists to Riverside. The show – “Women of The New Contemporary” consisted of art works from a wide variety of mediums and styles as well as five murals that were painted around the Visual Arts Center.

After the opening reception, Tim asked students in the art department to write their feeling about the show. Here is a small selection of excerpts from the responses… a huge thank you again to Tim and all the students at La Sierra University for making this such an incredible experience….


“On the evening of 28 February 2016, individuals of the Riverside community came together to acknowledge the opening of a new exhibition: Women of the New Contemporary. Over thirty artists came to show a variety of artwork that even included murals. Personally, it was such an excitement to see the walls of La Sierra University come alive. There was a live show during the reception. It was really addicting to watch.”


“It was different looking at the murals lit up by projecting lights instead of seeing them during the daytime. One of the best parts was getting to see some of the artists working on a mural that combines their various interests together. During the curator/director/artist’s talk, one artist discussed how they were inspired by La Sierra’s campus to create a mural that incorporated various natural features of the surroundings. It is great that La Sierra has taken this endeavor that uplifts women artists, gave the muralists free reign, and encouraged them to try something new. This idea strengthens the new contemporary movement that allows the artists to question what art is, what is its purpose, and to explore those ideas in any form that calls to them.”


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April 7, 2016 // Artists Republic Gallery Presents: TEN OC 2016

April 7, 2016 During First Thursdays Art Walk, Laguna Beach Artists Republic Gallery presents : TEN OC 2016. Read More

Velia de Iuliis – San Francisco, CA

Velia.Artists Republic.Synergy.web

Velia De Iuliis (born 1990) was raised in San Francisco, California where she still resides.  Her paintings predominantly reflect her fascination with symmetry found in nature in contrast to the chaos that can be found in an urban world.  She received her BFA with distinction in Illustration from the California College of the Arts in 2013.  Velia’s upcoming shows include the ‘Into the Woods’ group show at the Maeght Gallery (October 2015), a painting for the Imagine Bus project (November 2015), Athen B. Gallery show (January 2016), LA art fair in partnership with Artists Republic Gallery (January 2016) and her first solo show with Artists Republic Gallery, The Riddle of the Universe (February 2016).

Interview with Velia de Iuliis by Amanda Raynes

With your solo show “The Riddle of the Universe” coming up, what inspired this body of work and what is the meaning of the title?

The title of my show ‘The Riddle of the Universe’ is taken from the text written by the great 19th century zoologist and philosopher Ernst Haeckel who believed that to better understand humanity, we must first understand the fauna we share the planet with. His work both in writing and in illustrations have had a great influence on me.

I draw inspiration from an inherent curiosity for all creatures and this show is a compilation of fauna that I have admired and newly discovered subjects. The pleasure of painting animals comes from educating myself about species I was previously unaware of.

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Interview with Rich Jacobs by Amanda Raynes
August 13, 2015

Not only have you had countless shows of your own work, but you’ve curated many shows around the world. How has your art evolved to get to this particular show, and what is the meaning of the title, “A Part of You”?

I feel lucky to have been involved in art making and curating for as long as I have , I am always surprised and humbled by the chance to do either, and am grateful to share. My work has evolved slowly over my life, changing with experiences, and life changes, perspective shifts and hurtles that we each face individually. I love making things and am fortunate to have figured that out very young…it gave me an outlet that I very much needed then, and in fact still do today. Read More

Nov. 2 // Michael Ziobrowski Hosts: BOX SOCIAL II


Another one-night only art, film & music culture show, being held in Historic Downtown Santa Ana’s East End.

As was done last month, over 20 artists will take over 4,500 sq. ft. of concrete, rot iron and wood… and transform the space into a giant room of color and creativity.

The event is all artist driven and will allow everyone to break the mold and take total control of this large blank indoor canvas.

Guests will experience a variety of murals, installations, fine artwork, photography, film and music from some of the areas leading creative minds. The goal is to shine the spotlight on Santa Ana and cultivate the imagination of the community.


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November 1-29 // Hibbleton Presents: The Art of Hope


Hibbleton Gallery, in collaboration with Fullerton College’s Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and Hope University, cordially invite you to their next exhibit…

The Art of Hope: an art exhibit and silent auction benefitting Hope University, a leader in fine arts programs for adults with intellectual disabilities.

The opening reception is Friday, November 1, from 6-10pm during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk. This event is FREE and open to the public. Read More

Nov. 9 // Rothick Art Haus Presents: Urban Selective


Featuring the artwork of:
Kyle William Harper
John Michael Gill
Miguel Paredes
Nik Soupe

Sat Nov 9th 6-10pm during the Fall Art Crawl Experience (A.C.E.) view the art and take advantage of the food trucks, beer garden, multiple music stages and art vendors along the street.

For more info about the gallery and show, visit Rothick Art Haus’s website.

Nov. 2 – Nov. 30 // F+ Gallery Presents: Matthew Hodges I AM THE BEAST I WORSHIP

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 9.48.27 PM

Matthew Hodges solo show, “I Am The Beast I Worship” opens Saturday, November 2, 2013 at F+ Gallery in Santa Ana.

Matthew Hodges : “I am the beast I worship is a mixed media stencil exhibit show casing women’s bodies from around the world with their choice of animal face to cover up their identity. The materials used in this project are all vintage, starting with 110 year old pages from a 1902 sears catalog, 1970s playboys, and 1960s mammals and cats books. Each collaged canvas has three images embedded in the backgrounds: Bank of America Check, Surgeon General Warning for Smoking, and a Playboy subscription card. Can you find them? I feel that this series is the hardest I have ever worked on a project and I hope you enjoy it and are able to see the time and effort that was put into it.”  Read More

Newton’s Third | Curated by Jennie Cotterill

Alex Gardner - acrylic on wood

“Every action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction”

Newton’s Third opens Saturday October 12th at F+ Gallery in Santa Ana. Works inspired by duality, connectivity, and universal balance, show curator Jennie Cotterill talks about her concepts for the show:

“Newton’s Third Law echoes through my head every day.  I’m obsessed with its socio-karmic implications.  Nothing exists in a vacuum and everything we do has a consequence or side effect.  (As Hans Dose pointed out the other day—a hangover is a perfect example.)  It’s easy to see it as good connecting to bad, but I’d like to emphasize the flip side to the exchange: bad things can have unexpected positive effects.  Even more than that: the impeccable balance that is achieved by the back and forth. Read More

Nov 7 – Dec 31 // Salt Fine Art Presents – Nature Human Nature

Luis Paredes

The photography of Luis Paredes 

& the paintings of Amber Rose


November 7 – December 31, 2013  

Opening reception, Thursday November 7, 2013 from 6 – 9 pm 

Second reception, December 5, 2013 from 6 – 9 pm

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Sept 21 – Oct 22 // As.Issued 2 year anniversary show “Present Tense”


As Issued Art + Design Bookstore and Gallery celebrates their two-year anniversary with an group exhibition featuring 26 artists from across North America. They have ventured outside the boundaries of local contemporary art and have brought together a broad cross-section of regional and international artists from New York City, Mexico, Portland, San Diego, Canada, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The exhibition will address trends within the context of contemporary art, as well as stimulate a larger discussion on how these trends have increasingly guided decisions in the art world.

Co-Curated with Kevin Peterson, ‘Present Tense’ brings new observations to the discussion of contemporary art, where it currently resides and what it will mature into. The 26 participating artists represent a full range of mediums—from traditional painting to sculpture and represent a diversity of careers, from the internationally renowned to the barely known.

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A few weeks ago there a something really special happened in Orange County. Organized by the owners of As Issued in Costa Mesa and the artists who curated the epic event Warehouse1425 in San Diego, over twenty five street artists took over a unused 4500 square foot space and transformed it floor to ceiling into a haven of murals, wheat pasted walls, and urban inspired art available for purchase. Something you might see happen in Los Angeles or New York but never before in Orange County. It was guerrilla style with the huge warehouse space being donated by the developers and only available to the artists for one week to come in and paint and one night to be open to the the public. And in typical street-art fashion, it was all buffed out a couple of days later. So for those who missed it, better luck next time. We’ll be sure to give you a heads up when the next one is announced.

Photos courtesy of Corky Nepomuceno of

October 3 – 27, 2013 // Artists Republic 4 Tomorrow Presents : Don Pendleton



Artist Reception: Thursday, October 3, 6-9pm

With generous support from Stance – The Uncommon Thread


Artists Republic 4 Tomorrow, contemporary art gallery in Laguna Beach, is proud to announce a solo exhibition with legendary skateboard graphic artist Don Pendleton. The artist reception held on First Thursdays Art Walk in October will mark the first solo artist exhibition at the new gallery space located in the HIP District at 1175 S. Coast Hwy. The show titled “A Heart As Heavy As Night” will consist of over fifteen new paintings as well as a special limited edition 18”x24” 4 color screen print, “Uncloudy Day.” Don Pendleton will be present at the opening, sketching live at varied times between 6 and 9pm.

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Oct. 4 – 31 // Hibbleton Gallery Presents : Photoetry – Photography and Poetry from South Central


You are invited to the next art exhibit at Hibbleton Gallery entitled “PHOTOETRY: Photography and Poetry from South Central” featuring the work of Hiram Sims, Sam Bendall, Adam Tillman-Young, Ameer Espy, Kim Soria, and Charisse Sims. This event will also include a live poetry reading and book signing. The opening reception is Friday, October 4th from 6-10 pm during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk. As always, this event is FREE and open to the public.

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