Feb 16th – March 21 // Ces Contemporary : QUADRIVIUM


February 16th, 2013 – March 21st, 2013 
Opening: Saturday, February 16th, 2013 | 6 – 9pm
Gallery location: 480 Ocean Avenue / A, Laguna Beach, CA
Gallery hours: Tuesday – Friday: 10am – 5pm / Saturday: 9am – 3pm / and by appointment.

CES Contemporary presents its first group show of 2013 with the geometric collage-based exhibition Quadrivium. Quadrivium, a Latin word which is used to reference the main studies in a classical education, are referenced in this exhibition by the works of:Lola Dupré
Shusuke Ao
Jordan Clark
Gordon Magnin
Robert Larson
Val Britton
Irina & Silviu Szekely
Justin Angelos
Full-color catalogs are being printed for Quadrivium, and will be available for purchase at CES Contemporary beginning this Saturday.Quadrivium
The historic quadrivium comprised four core subjects, or arts, taught in the Renaissance Period. The word is Latin, translating roughly to a “place where four roads meet.” These cores consisted of arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy, and were rooted in thinking skills for their theoretical applications. The quadrivium may be considered to be the study of number and its relationship to physical space or time: arithmetic was pure number, geometry was number in space, music number in time, and astronomy number in space and time.

In CES Contemporary’s Quadrivium, this classical education is represented in the works of Lola Dupré, Shusuke Ao, Jordan Clark, Gordon Magnin, Robert Larson, Val Britton, Irina & Silviu Szekely, and Justin Angelos. This group elucidates the core disciplines with clarity of vision.

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