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    KEFE : Kelly Tunstall & Ferris Plock // Artist Interview

    Kelly&Ferris Bio: The experimental yet classically grounded work of Ferris Plock and Kelly Tunstall lives comfortably in a space between graphic expression, stylized representation, surrealism, and sketch. Their preferred medium is a combination of acrylic, collage, spray paint, pencil, pen and ink, gold leaf. The binary contrast of masculine and feminine as the major theme […]

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    Please contact Torrey Cook, Artists Republic for further details.

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    Artists Republic gallery was proud to participate in this years Art Market show at Fort Mason in San Francisco. The collection of galleries exhibiting at this years fair was wonderful and we made so many new friends and got to see some great art. The weather was incredible as well.. there’s nothing better than a […]

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    TEN OC : 2016

    This past Thursday during Art Walk we hosted the second annual TEN Orange County show and were reminded of what a great artists community we have so close by!  We featured some incredible work from Ben Brough, Brian Bent, Craig “Skibs” Barker, Chantal de Felice, Danny Schutt, David Blake, Laurie Hassold, Michelle Bickford, Sophie St. Onge and Tyler […]

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    Artists Republic Gallery is proud to be welcoming London artist Super Future Kid for her first solo show in the United States this May. We are very excited for you all to get to know her a little better and meet her in person at her opening on May 7th, 2006. “Being born in East […]

REPUBLIC [ri-puhb-lik] : a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens.

When talking about Orange County California, some might conjure the image of sparkling strip malls, plastic body parts, or a landscape of tract mansions filled with serene seascape beach scenes. As lovely as this picture by Bravo is… the OC is not all Housewives. Just south of the LA art scene lives an insanely talented group of artists, designers, musicians… AND a dedicated group of gallerists, collectors, and friends who support them. OC Artists Republic was created with one goal – to bring awareness to the badass arts community in Orange County. We are continually working to update the site, so please check back on the regular and thanks for being a part. – Torrey Cook, Artists Republic

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Michael Harnish – “Talking Bout my Generation” // words and photos by Mahya Shamai

Laguna Beach is home to a number of outstanding artists, one of which is Michael Harnish. Teaching at LCAD is not his only accomplishment; his work has been exhibited in galleries worldwide, capturing the attention of an eclectic audience. In his portrait paintings, Michael applies master techniques to contemporary subjects. His work fuses traditional and […]


OCAR Interview with AR4T artist : Robert Sticky Shaw

Sticky Shaw is a fixture at Artists Republic 4 Tomorrow (AR4T Gallery) in Laguna Beach. He has been with the gallery since they opened in 2010, with highlights being a sold out duo show in 2011 and a critically acclaimed solo show in 2012. Sticky is back to welcome Artists Republic 4 Tomorrow into 2013 […]


A New Space of Shifting Conditions // Hibbleton and PÄS Gallery February Shows

So far, my most wrenching challenge in contributing to this site is in narrowing down what art I am able to include. The Magoski Arts Colony in Fullerton is an especially problematic venue to report on because the converted warehouse is simply filled to the brim with exciting, honest and experimental artwork and ideas that […]


Great Art Starts Here.

Once in awhile a show comes along where I think I know what to expect – a few smiles and hugs then a quick fifteen minute browse around the room… but then upon arrival find myself completely blown away spending hours going back and forth and back again, then leaving feeling thrilled and inspired. The […]